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Five Tips for Surviving the First Trimester

Pregnancy is different for every single woman. Some women love being pregnant, others don't enjoy their pregnancy at all. Some women are sick throughout the entire pregnancy, others have little to no morning sickness at all. Most of us fall somewhere in between. With nausea and sore breasts and exhaustion like you've never felt before, I want to share with you a few tips and tricks I used to survive the first trimester.

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Him – A Short Essay On Love & Mostly Lust

He came into my life like a hurricane enters the shore, wild and raging full speed ahead, taking no prisoners.  Like the shoreline, I had two choices.  I could fight his powerful force and be left in ruins, alone with nothing.  Or, I could allow myself to be swept up in his magnificent power, allowing him to alter the direction of my life.  I chose the latter.

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A Little Nagging Feeling Called Mom Guilt

Let's talk a minute about something y'all call "Mom Guilt". There's a potential for guilt with every single parenting choice we make, from the very beginning.  Breast feeding, bottle feeding, sleep training, co-sleeping, screen time, bed times, disposable diapers, junk food, the overflowing sink full of dishes, yelling at your kids when it feels like… Continue reading A Little Nagging Feeling Called Mom Guilt