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Hooray for Friday!

Let me just start off by saying, I LOVE Friday!  It’s a great catch-up day for housework, so that everything can be checked off my list.  I like to go into the weekend with a blank to-do list so that my focus can be on my family and whatever fun may be in store.

Every Friday, other than during football season, our little family would order pizza from one of our local pizza shops.  Several months ago, I started thinking about how much money we were spending each and every single week, just by dining out.  Dining out and being frugal do not mix. So I came up with a simple solution, and so far it appears as though everyone in the house is on board.  Homemade pizza night!!

I’m not always a confident cook, just ask The Hubs.  When I’m trying a new recipe or just trying to get dinner together and on the table with an audience present, I can get a little anxious.  That anxiety comes from wanting everything to always be perfect. (Maybe someday I’ll catch on to the fact that life isn’t meant to be perfect!)   That being said, I used to look forward to the Friday night take out routine.  But, even though having someone else prepare your meals for you, serve you, and clean up after you is nice…it definitely is NOT frugal.  Being frugal is something that has become very important to me, so if I wanted to do my part, I needed to step our of my comfort zone and try making pizza dough…from scratch.  I’ve made pizza before with the tube of dough or even the frozen bread dough, but never homemade.

I tried a few recipes through trial and error, before settling on the perfect one.  Some were too thick, some were too thin, but this one is just right!  We have a lot of fun with coming up with topping combinations other than the tried and true sauce and mozzarella.  Most recently we tried barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon!  HUGE hit!!

Click on the link below if you want to test it out on your family!  I hope you enjoy!

Mountain Wife’s Favorite Pizza Dough

dough 3

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