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A Brand New Adventure

“Suddenly you just know that it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

I’ve been a little silent in the blogosphere lately, and with good reason.  Life has handed my family a little curve ball.  WE’RE MOVING!!

Recently my husband was offered an amazing work opportunity, but it requires relocating our family a thousand miles away.  And while most people I know would balk at such an notion, we decided to go with the flow and focus on the positives the opportunity. The past month has been filled with challenges and attitudes (our children aren’t that happy about the situation) but it has also had its share of smiles and fun adventures.

We took the boys on a little beach vacation. We have all been to the beach before, but this was our first time experiencing it together, as a blended family.  I for one did not want to go to the beach…and neither did Sam…but Lord knows that is all either of the boys wanted to do, and one of the few things they agree on! So to the beach we went!! I can honestly say, as many times as I have been to the beach as a child or as an adult, I have never EVER had so much fun!  We soaked up the sun.  We played in the surf…and we played HARD!  We took our go karting and mini golfing very seriously.  We saw wild ponies!  We shopped the boardwalk.  We ate…and boy did we eat!! That is my favorite part of any vacation…the food!!  But most importantly, we made memories!

OC Boys

But now, it’s back to reality and I’m surrounded with boxes and bubble wrap.  Sam is tasked with figuring out the logistics of relocating us and our belongings to the Midwest (I’ll take the packing any day!!)  There are so many new and exciting adventures and opportunities on the horizon!  There will be new places to explore!  New memories to be made!!  And as usual…I’m looking forward to sharing them all with YOU!!

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