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Stay-At-Home Adventure

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an on-the-go kind of gal. Two things my mom has always said about me (even as a tot) were: “Jessie, you have a mouth that runs like a ducks’ butt with diarrhea” and “You are such a gas ass”.  The first referring to my never-ending story telling and the latter…because I always had to be on the go.  As a child I always wanted to go somewhere and do something…whether it was tagging along to the grocery store or going to visit family…I was happiest when we were on the go! I happen to think both of these cute little characteristics stem from being an only child, and for the most part…they are both ever-present!  (Sorry Sam!)

Before I met Sam, my weekdays were filled with work and mom duties, and my weekend were filled to the brim with family time and outings with friends.  I was a busy body…always on the go.  If I’m being completely honest, it’s because I despised the loneliness…so by keeping a full schedule I didn’t have to deal with those feelings! (Denial was my super power!!)  Then, I met Sam…and for the most part…he is the complete opposite.  He is a homebody.  Don’t get me wrong…he’s the first to suggest an adventure, big or small…but he’s happiest at home.  It’s one of the things I LOVE about him.  Being happiest at home…means he’s happy to be spending time with me and our family and not out hanging in some seedy bar or off on his motorcycle any time the roads aren’t wet.  Being happiest at home…means he’s happy to make breakfast for his family, and tinker around the house, and work on little projects.  Being happiest at home…means he’s always willing to speak my love language of “quality time” and I know that is a rare and special blessing!

So how do a busy-body and a homebody make it work?!  I think the biggest change has been in the way I see things.  First of all, I have been blessed to able to be a stay at home parent, and for the foreseeable future, I get a similar title…housewife. I’ve learned to enjoy being at home, and you know what?!  I’m not lonely anymore when I’m alone!  It might have everything to do with having a totally rad husband…but it might also have something to do with personal growth! BUT…as much as I might enjoy getting out adventuring on the weekends, I also know that while I’m at home during the week…Sam is off conquering the plastics world…one help desk ticket/project at a time! I couldn’t do his job even if I was offered a million dollars…I lack the patience, the knowledge, the skill set, the patience! Honestly…I get so irritated when I can’t make the little mouse thingy work right!!!!  That being said…the man deserves a break!  He deserves a time out, a chance to sit on the sofa and blob out in front of non-stop episodes of “30 Rock” eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking wine!

And you know what?!  I’ve learned to love those weekends just as much as the packed-full of activities weekends!!  Of all of the adventures we have taken or will take over the next fifty years (or more)…He is by far…my favorite!


2 thoughts on “Stay-At-Home Adventure”

  1. I love this write-up! First I want to welcome you to my site and say that, after reading your stuff, I’m so pleased and honored to have you join me. I am following you too and I look forward to reading all your good stuff. I was very much like you, always busy, on the phone, with people. As a housewife in a new town I should feel lonely, but I’m actually happier than ever. I’m doing what I love!

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