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Kansas City Adventures

“There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”

Our summer has been a whirlwind.  It feels like we have been going non-stop for quite some time.  Moving half-way across the country can be quite exhausting. After all of that excitement, Sam and I were ready for an extra long holiday weekend.  An extra long weekend that would allow us to take a break and recharge…and even have a little adventure!

Our long weekend began slow and easy Thursday morning (just the way we both like it) before heading to Kansas City.  KC is about two and a half hours northwest of us, and the drive was easy and beautiful.  We enjoyed singing along with some tunes, a mix of country for me and anything but for him, while we enjoyed the beautiful scenery that our new home state has to offer.

Typically, when it comes to figuring out where we should go for dinner, we are like every other couple out there..indecisive.  I am the worst (although I like to think I’m easy as can be).  I’m sure it drives Sam crazy.  My usual response is something like “I don’t care, whatever you’re hungry for.  I will eat anything.”  When Sam and I both know I can be incredibly picky when it comes to eating out.  BUT…when we go on our little trips, I’m out of the hot-seat, because HE does all the research on the area and knows what route we will take to get there and where we’ll eat! YAY!! So…when in KC…BBQ is a must!! I think I heard somewhere that KC is the BBQ capital of the world…or maybe everyone tries to stake that claim. I highly recommend  Jack Stack Barbecue, the burnt end sandwich was out of this world!!

Excuse the goofy expression and take a look at that yummy BBQ!!!

With full, happy bellies we headed off toward Arrowhead Stadium for a little pre-season NFL football.  The KC Chiefs were taking on our favorites, the Green Bay Packers. Even though the Packers lost, it was an experience I will never forget!  From the fireworks to the half-time show of four local youth teams playing, it was more fun that I ever could have imagined!  Not to mention, the pre-season tickets were only $6 each!!!  I am a HUGE fan of cheap fun!!

Happy smiles!!

Friday morning, after breakfast at the local IHOP, we headed off towards downtown KC. What a beautiful city!!!  We stopped by the WWI Museum to take a look at the monuments and the view of the city and it was absolutely gorgeous! I am looking forward to going back and checking out more of the sites in the near future (hopefully)!!  Before continuing our adventure outside of KC, we ventured a little further north to take in the beauty of the temple. It was my first time seeing a temple, and I am looking forward to the day that I am worthy to step inside!


What’s a trip to KC, MO without scooting across the state line to IKEA?!  I’ve never been to an IKEA…although I have perused their catalog and would dream of the day I would be able to go to this mystical place where everything is awesome, and cheap, and easy to assemble!!  It did not disappoint! I think I am now obsessed!  I’m already trying to come up with another reason to visit again!  Walking through the showroom and imagining yourself in those perfectly designed spaces can be a lot of fun…or at least it was for us!!

Sit down and have a drink Honey, while I whip up a cake!

The rest of our long weekend was set aside for errands and resting.  After taking a few days to recharge and connect with Sam, I am ready to see what is in store for us next! Fingers crossed the weather cools off soon  (the heat and humidity are still not my favorite)  so we can get back out to our land without having to worry about slithering snakes or the multitude of ticks!!

As always, thanks for coming along on our adventures!!



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