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Midwestern Sky

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

~ Vincent van Gogh

Do you ever just stop and think? Think about everything all at once? Think about questions? The universe? Life? What comes next?  The future? The state of the world? The economy? Blessings? Mistakes?

That’s how my brain works…all at once. I often feel like I think too much.  I over-analyze just about everything. I second-guess myself. Heck…I even FEEL too much!  I’m pretty sure that’s why God brought Sam into my life…he balances me out…keeps me centered and grounded.  I’m sure it can be an exasperating task for him at times…but he’s a trooper!

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.  And when things are tough and life gets messy…like many people…I’ve developed some “coping skills”.  I’ve had some bad ones…eat too much or drink too much.  And there have been some good ones…prayer, writing, listening to music, baking (well maybe not baking…that leads to the eating!).

But…ever since I was a little girl, I have been a watcher of the sky!  When I would feel lonely (I was an only child), I would talk to the sky…before I even realized there was actually someone listening!!! Looking at the stars out my bedroom window would always calm my mind.  It still does!  I would look at all the stars in the sky and daydream! I absolutely love sitting outside and looking at the stars at night!

Living in the Midwest is a sky-watchers dream come true!!  Growing up in a valley surrounded by several mountain ranges sort of cut the line of vision for star-gazing, so I never realized just how much sky you can actually see if you’re somewhere flat.  At least once a week, I’m commenting on how BIG the sky seems here! Big and blue! I can’t get enough! I love sitting on the back patio during the day and watching the big blue sky!! I even enjoy watching the airplanes take off from the nearby airport! (So does the dog!!!)


The sunrises here are always beautiful. Growing up, I would see gorgeous sunrises while on vacation at the beach, but here…it’s like God paints the sky for us nearly every single morning!


The sunsets are always pretty spectacular as well! Whether they are full of color, or like this one…full of beams of light dancing across the sky…they are gorgeous! I’m grateful that we have a dog…otherwise, I might miss some of God’s glory everyday!!

I can’t wait until we are living in our mountain dream home!  The star-gazing will be amazing without a drop of light pollution.  When I close my eyes I can almost imagine the view!  The Midwestern sky was definitely made for dreamers like me!

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