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A Little Sunshine

“Some old fashioned things, like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat.”

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Today, I took advantage of the weather and the beautiful sunshine.  I think we might finally be on the cusp of Autumn (in mid October).  Springfield is a pretty big city. Although to me, it feels like a really big small town.  There’s always something to do.  TONS of places to eat.  Lots of shopping.  One of my favorite things about it…awesome parks!!!  You can be enjoying a park within minutes.  They are scattered all over the place.  From little parks with playgrounds to bigger parks with hiking trails and springs. So I ventured out with my camera today to Sequiota Park, and I’m glad I did!  I enjoyed walking the trail around the spring and snapping photos…it was good for this gals’ soul!!

The leaves are slowly starting to change…it won’t be long!



There are a few cave entries…I’m not that brave!!!


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