Post Election Post-Mortem

Disclaimer: I am a Republican. Not only am I a Republican, but I would say I am ultraconservative.   I would even go as far as suggesting that I am more conservative than President-Elect Trump. I am aware that my opinions may differ from yours… and I respect that, so please, lets be kind.

Okay. Now with that out of the way I wanted to just take a quick moment to share a few thoughts on the election.

  • Wow! How about that voter turn out?! I don’t ever recall lines as long as my hometown was reporting. But then again… Pennsylvania became a Republican state for the first time in the past SEVEN presidential elections. I have to say, I am very proud of the American people for getting out and voting.
  • Kudos to Trump for persevering to the end… against all odds.  He campaigned hard and with far less money. His rhetoric was consistent. He maintained the same platform regardless who he was speaking to, unlike many that came before him.
  • He stands for the American people. He’s one of us. Yes… he’s a successful multi-million dollar businessman… but he is not bought by anyone. And as far as his taxes… lets be honest… no one complains when they get that big tax return in January for more than they paid in! So why should we judge Trump for being an American citizen following the tax code!?
  • So… here we are… the day after. With our post election political hangovers. Emotions are high. While the majority of the people I know are Trump supporters…I cannot get over the amount of hate on my social media news feed. Its sad. Guess what?! You know how earlier I mentioned being ultraconservative? That means I don’t believe in abortions…EVER. I don’t believe in gay marriage…EVER. But you have never once witnessed me spew hate towards anyone who believes differently than I do. Why? Because I have been commanded by Jesus to LOVE my brothers and sisters. Judgment will come from my Heavenly Father… not me. I guess kindness is no longer a real thing.

So…like him or not… Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. I would implore each and every one of us to put our differences of opinions aside and pray for him to lead our country to greatness, safety, and prosperity.


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