I think my Christmas spirit is MIA?!

I’ve been AWOL lately…but let me explain.

We are in the midst of the “holiday” season, and I’m just not feeling very holiday-ish.

We had an absolutely lovely Thanksgiving. We opened our home to a wonderful group of boys who are serving their mission, thousands of miles away from their families, serving their community and sharing the gospel. We enjoyed having them in our home for the afternoon and they filled the void left by our boys back home.

Christmas is right around the corner…in fact it’s just about two weeks away.  I’m going through the motions. The gifts are almost all purchased. I listen to Christmas music all day at work. We’ll decorate our home this weekend. We’ll bake Christmas cookies and attend Christmas parties. But it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas. I’m counting down the days until the boys arrive  (13 more sleeps!), and I’m almost positive that once they arrive I’ll be feeling the Christmas spirit…but for now I’m not feeling very Christmasy. Not to be confused with feeling Grinchy.

In addition to not feeling very Christmasy…it seems that every time I sit down to write, the words that want to come out are somewhat personal and not so happy and cheerful! So rather than fill the blogosphere with something blah…I’ve been keeping quiet! Although, I think  it would probably be cathartic to get some of it out…I’m not sure the world (i.e. the people that it is about) would be ready to hear it.

On to happy things….we’ve been focusing a lot lately on the “Mountain Dream”!!! Trying to determine how to make it a reality sooner rather than later.  We have been making more frequent trips to the land…in fact we are heading that way tomorrow so stay tuned early next week for another update!!

Mountain Wife will continue to be fairly quiet until after the holidays…once the kiddos are here they will be my focus! Plus there will be some exciting changes coming to site…so don’t give up on me yet!!

From my family to yours…Merry Christmas!

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