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I’m Back!

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~ C.S.Lewis

I realize we are mid-way through January, but so long 2016 and welcome 2017…and thanks for sticking with me after my brief hiatus!

2016 brought with it many changes, some hardships, lots of adventure, and tons of love.  We relocated 1,000 miles from our hometowns, and due to unfortunate circumstances, our children decided to stay behind…which nearly broke our hearts! But onward we went…and what a HUGE blessing the move has been for us! God is good!!

We are moving into 2017 with lots of big plans for the “Mountain Dream Home”…stay tuned for an update on that VERY soon! If you’ll recall from a previous post (Book Give-Away!!!) I am a HUGE fan of Gretchin Rubin and her “Happiness Project”, so I am embarking on my very own version of a Happiness Project which I will be sharing updates with y’all very soon as well!

I decided for the very first time to pick a word for my year rather than specific resolutions, which if I can just be honest for a minute…never EVER last more than a few weeks for me! So I wanted to choose a word that would motivate me…make me better…and push me towards my ultimate goals. I couldn’t choose just one…of course! (Ask Sam, he’ll tell you I can’t make a decision if my life depended on it!!) I chose two! 2017 will be my year of “JOYFUL MINIMALISM”! I am on a mission to bring more JOY into my life and our home. I’m also on a mission to minimalize…the clutter…the unhealthy lifestyle…the stress…the chaos. Stay tuned for updates on how that is going as well!

Needless to say I’m very excited about 2017 and the direction we are headed!

BUT…while I was on hiatus from writing our boys were here for Christmas and it was the BEST! I don’t have many photos to share…I was too busy living in the moment! Here are a few!

Jax posing at Bass Pro!
Jax & Colton feeling the Christmas Spirit!
A week was too short!


I can’t wait to share more of our adventures with you all!!

Until Next Time: Love, Joy & Adventures!

Mountain Wife

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