I am not a feminist…take two!

Ok y’all…I’m about to weigh in on some of the “political” events from the last few days. I do believe we are all entitled to our opinions…and that our opinions don’t have to be cookie cutter to show love and kindness. Here goes…

If you recall, several months ago I posted a blog declaring proudly that I am not a feminist. (You can read that blog here!)  I stand by that statement…even after the Women’s March from the weekend…and maybe even a little bit stronger and taller!!!

My dear sweet friends…what was that? First of all…I think it is absolutely wonderful that women from all walks of life and corners of the country came out in support of something they believe in. I encourage anybody anywhere…stand up and support your cause. Stand for the thing you believe in. BUT, remind me…what rights do women NOT have? I live in the same UNITED STATES of AMERICA as all of those women and I have the right to freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to vote…in short I have the same rights and freedoms that men do. I live in a country where I am not persecuted for my religious preference. I live in a country where I am not raped to pay for the crimes of men, nor do I have to endure genital mutilation. I have clean water and clean air, food in excess. I have the right to work if I choose.  Here’s the best part…if I don’t like something in my life…I have the right to change it!! I can move. I can seek to better myself through education. I am responsible for me! What rights to women not have?

Women united in a big way to protest a man they call vulgar to women by being vulgar and crass themselves? Stooping to such a low level as to wear “pussy” hats and dress up as vaginas?! Come on?! What ever happened to class? Whatever happened to grace and dignity? I’m truly ashamed and appalled by some of the behavior exhibited over the weekend. I just can’t.

So…some of those women don’t like President Trump?! Here’s the amazing thing about our country…we get to VOTE again in a few years!! How great is that?! Democracy is an awesome concept. I personally love President Trump and Vice President Pence. I’m excited to see the policy changes to come and even encouraged by the executive orders that he has already signed. Is the man perfect? Nope…but neither are any of us. Has the man said some things that he probably shouldn’t have? Sure…but so have all of us. I won’t be casting any stones…

End of rant.

And  because who can be all wound up when looking at kittens…here’s a picture of our latest edition…Steve Purry!

Until Next Time: Love, Joy & Adventures!

Mountain Wife


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