Yummy Ugly Eggs

Mountain Wife has been blogging for a whole year! I thought I would celebrate by reblogging my first post…and with Easter right around the corner I may have to whip up some of these delicious peanut butter eggs.

Betting on the Betlyons

    In my house, chocolate and peanut butter go together better than peas and carrots. In fact, those delicious chocolate peanut butter cups are the holy grail of treats, and consumed so frequently that the stash is usually hidden, but somehow disappears
rather quickly. So, with Easter right around the corner, I offered to make my guys peanut butter eggs from scratch. I scoured the internet for recipes, but each and every one of them fell short of the eggs I grew up eating. They all seemed to be missing something. I was going to settle, until I stumbled upon my Gram Decker’s egg recipe. Immediately the memories came flooding back. Memories of sitting around the kitchen table with my gram and my mom, squishing the peanut butter mixture between my fingers, snitching bites when no one was looking, and inevitably ending up laying on the sofa with a tummy ache. Every…

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