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I was browsing the New York Times Best Sellers list on Amazon, looking for something, anything that caught my eye.  At the time I was going through some issues at work, caring too much about things that ultimately held no real bearing on what is important in my life.  I tend to be the type of person that cares too much about things that should matter very little.  So when I saw this book, I knew I had to read it.  Thanks to the Amazon Fairy, I had my book in two days!  The fact that the book arrived on the day I quite said job, was quite ironic.

Mark Manson is a tell it like he sees it, no nonsense kind of writer. You read his blog here.  You might not care for his writing style, and that’s okay, he might not be for everyone.  This book might not be for everyone.  Personally, I enjoyed it.  While most of the points that Mark made in The Subtle Art I already knew, if you’re anything like me, sometimes you need to hear the obvious from someone else in order for it hit home.

The main take away from the book, is that only I can control the “f@*ks” I choose to give out.  Only I can control what I get excited about, or where I choose to direct my energy. Just me.  And by choosing what I give my “f@*ck” to, I will end up being a much happier, and even more productive person.

Mark walks you through The Subtle Art in just nine easy to read chapters.  Chapters like “Happiness Is a Problem”,  “You Are Not Special”,  “Failure Is the Way Forward”, and “…And Then You Die” guide you through Manson’s take on how to find what is truly important to you and how to let go of the rest.  Mark’s writing is conversational in nature, and while to some it might seem crude, to others it might be honest and refreshing.

If you are looking for a funny and honest “self-help” book to read while basking in the sunshine this summer, I recommend The Subtle Art which you can pick up here.  What are YOU reading this summer?  I’d love for you to leave me your recommendation in the comments!

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