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Shipping Up To Boston: Part 1

A few weeks ago, The Hubs had to take a work trip to Boston and when he asked me to tag along on a road trip, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! In case you didn’t already know, we LOVE to take road trips together, (you can read about that here) so 1400 miles one way wasn’t a big deal!

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan

We planned it out from the places we would stop to the things we wanted to see. He had to report to the office Tuesday, and we started our journey on Saturday morning. Giving us three days to travel the 1400 (ish) miles across eight states.

Lake Michigan
Sunset and Sailboats

We left Springfield Saturday morning, planning to spend the night in Elkhart, Indiana after a pit stop in Michigan. Neither of us had been to Michigan, so the brief detour was a welcomed pit-stop.

New Buffalo Beach, MI


After traveling through endless miles of flat farmland, we stopped in New Buffalo,MI for dinner and a quick trip to Lake Michigan. (I’ve never been to any of the Great Lakes!) FYI: New Buffalo was crazy busy. The wait to get into any restaurant at 7:00 pm was well over an hour…an hour neither of us were willing to wait. We stumbled upon Jimmy’s, and even though it wasn’t crowded (which might have indicated poor service and/or food), we were both pleasantly surprised that everything was wonderful! After dinner we drove to the public beach to watch the sunset and dip our toes in the lake. A short one hour later we were ready to kick back and get some rest at the Super 8 in Elkhart, IN, and for what it was, it was clean and comfortable.


After fueling up on Sunday morning we headed further east towards our next destination, Geneva, NY (where we went on our honeymoon)! We set out, cruising through Indiana and Ohio, detouring through Cleveland, listening to so many podcasts and laughing.  By lunch time we had reached Lake Erie, where we had to take a pit stop for pictures and lunch.

We arrived at the Finger Lakes region of New York (wine country) just in time to pick up a few bottles of our favorite port from Red Tail Ridge Winery, you can check them out here and see if they ship to your area! Geneva, NY on a Sunday evening is quiet! I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to get a table without a wait at Halsey’s.  And if you’re in the area you have to try the Garlic Crab Woodfired Pizza, it is divine! If you’re looking for a place to stay, skip the Ramada Geneva Lakefront! While the lakefront was nice for relaxing after dinner, the hotel itself was dirty and dated.

On Monday morning, after fueling up on Dunkin’ Donuts (I have to mention that we had ALL THE Dunkin’ on this trip since they aren’t a popular franchise in the Midwest) we headed out on the last leg of our trip to Boston. While driving through New York we did have to stop at a rest station to take part in the eclipse viewing.  Side note, it was kind of wonderful to be in a random parking lot in New York with a hundred or so other travelers from all over, looking at the sky!

We arrived at our hotel in Boston late in the afternoon: safe and sound and smiling! Stay tuned for Part 2 where I share with you our adventures in Boston!

Until Next Time: Peace, Love and Adventures

MountainWife xoxo

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