Me Too


I wasn’t going to post this. I’ve thought about it over and over again for days, and I’m not one to air my “dirty laundry” in public. However, a facebook friend of mine posted a status this morning referring to the people posting #metoo as victims. This deeply affected me and I felt compelled to write a heartfelt response (which inevitably was deleted as this person does not like when someone doesn’t share their opinion).

By joining together and saying “me too”, we are not playing the role of a victim. We are not allowing the actions of others to dictate who we are. We are not living in the past. We are not allowing sexual harassment/assault/abuse to define the women that we are today. We are not necessarily all leftists or feminists. We are not all women in Hollywood. We are the women in your community, your church, that serve beside you on the PTA, your co-workers.

When I see that the hashtag “me too” is trending, I see that this is a widespread issue. And honestly, sexual harassment/assault/abuse isn’t gender specific. There are men who have been on the receiving end of unwanted advances/touch. Anyone who uses their position of power or physical stature to get what they want is the real issue. It’s not appropriate.

I’ve seen the argument made that there are celebs posting “me too” when they have been seen nude or using their sexuality to get what they want. Doesn’t “no mean no”? Just because a woman is comfortable enough to do a nude scene in a film (for her job) does that mean that same woman should be groped or touched in a way that makes her uncomfortable? Just because a woman has a reputation of being promiscuous, does that mean that anyone can touch her in any way they see fit?

So, when I see that someone is posting “me too”, I don’t just assume they are jumping on the bandwagon, or looking for attention, or worse, that they are victims. I see real souls who have gone through something traumatic to them, who are putting it out there so that maybe they can help make a difference for someone else.

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