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Friday Five: Moving Tips

Are you preparing to move across the country? Or even just across town? Through trial and error I have compiled a list of my Top Five Moving Tips, based upon personal successes and failures.

This isn’t going to be a traditional list of SUPER organized moving tips that can be found aplenty on the interwebs, we just aren’t that couple. I like to think that I’m super organized and have an amazing sense of how things should go, and I’m married to a man who thinks he has an amazing sense of how things are going to go, and chances are, our ideas are not the same! We do butt heads occasionally (I have a tendency to be stubborn), but it ALWAYS works out one way or another.

#1) Minimalism:  Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard of the minimalism movement.  The biggest key with minimalism is that the less possessions that you have, think a four bedroom house full of stuff in every single corner, or a two car garage so full that you have to park your car in the driveway, the more freedom you have to live a life that YOU design and control.  Personally, The Hubs and I have already been practicing this since our first move from Pennsylvania to Missouri, but we still have room for improvement. In preparation for this move, we took this practice to a whole new level and managed to reduce our possessions by a third.  (I’ll talk more about minimalism in future posts, so be sure to check back!)

#2) Storage vs. Uhaul: Some of you may be hiring a moving company to do the dirty work for you. If you can, I would highly recommend this option. I hear they come and assess your belongings and since they are the pros, they know exactly how many boxes, what size truck and all of the other little details that need to be figured out. I am not a professional mover.  The Hubs is not a professional mover.  But, we are two smart individuals who can figure things out.  We have done things both ways: packed all of our possessions into a Uhaul and drove halfway across the country, and most recently, packed all of our non-essential items into a storage unit before moving. (We are currently in a furnished, temporary rental while we scope out the area and find something more permanent.) First of all, be prepared to be a Tetris master when packing your belongings into the unit (storage/uhaul). Secondly, make sure that you take into consideration ALL of your belongings when determining what size of unit you will require. Please note that you CANNOT fit the possessions of a two bedroom/two car garage home into a 5′ x 12′ storage unit, no matter how much minimalizing you have done! Fortunately we came to this realization after our first trip so we were able to upgrade to a 10′ x 15′ very easily. (Side note: the larger unit is all but full!) Also, it’s never fun to leave things behind because they won’t fit, so plan accordingly! Lastly, if you are planning a cross country move, allow yourself an extra time cushion. It will inevitably take longer than you plan to load your unit and you WILL BE TIRED.

#3) Change of Address: This is a super simple task to check off of your list, the postal service makes it super easy.  However, timing is key.  Be sure to complete your change of address seven to ten business days in advance of when you want the change to take effect. DO NOT wait until the day before.

#4) Trash Bags: This is by far my favorite and most useful tip. Use trash bags to pack your closet!  I have used this handy little trip every single time that I have moved during my adult life (eight times) and I swear it has made a HUGE difference. Be sure to use large bags, pull up over a bundle of clothes, and then pull the drawstrings to wrap around the hanger hooks. This takes up less space than using boxes for your clothes, makes it super easy to stack your clothing in the backseat of a car, protects your clothes from weather or falling onto the ground if something slips off the hanger, AND if you use a scented bag it keeps your clothes smelling fresh! Tip

#5) Smile & Laugh: It is absolutely essential to maintain your sense of humor throughout the moving process.  The act of moving itself can be quite stressful, without factoring in potentially stressful circumstances surrounding the move. Make sure to take time to relax, have fun and laugh. Don’t take the situation too seriously. You WILL make it through and be settled into your new home before you know it!

Until Next Time: Peace, Love & Adventures

Mountain Wife xoxo

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