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Minimalism and Christmas

“Reminder: We don’t have to continue holiday traditions that leave us broke, overwhelmed and tired.”

My husband and I have been getting on board with this whole minimalism thing over the past two years. Slowly. It started out of necessity when we moved from Pennsylvania to Missouri. And then again when we prepared to make the move from Missouri to Michigan. As a result, we barely own any knick-knacks, and I find myself more relaxed with less around me. (But don’t look in my closet…I have a long way to go in that department!)

When we moved, we decided to put 90% of our belongings in storage, and only bring the necessities. That meant the Christmas decorations stayed behind. When we were first married and combined our decorations we had three totes of “stuff”! After last Christmas we decided to minimalize to one tote! But, here we are fully and completely embracing minimalism this Christmas! And I couldn’t be happier.

Our little Norwegian Spruce is decorated with simple white lights, a simple star, and Christmas scented pine cones! Two yards of red burlap make a perfect tree skirt and  complete the look! The only thing we brought with us were the stockings to be hung by the chimney with care!


I thought that I might miss the nostalgia of unwrapping and hanging all of the ornaments  we’ve collected over the years, but honestly I didn’t. There has been zero stress so far this Christmas. No tears over broken ornaments! No stress over perfect ornament placement! Just a sensible, simple and sweet Christmas! Less stuff allows for more time to sit and enjoy the tree and the season!

What are your thoughts on simplifying at Christmas?

Jess xoxo



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