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Spring Fever

Merriam-Webster defines spring fever as “a feeling of wanting to go outdoors and do things because spring is coming and the weather is getting warmer.” I am officially diagnosing myself with this particular ailment, and it has plagued me annually since I was a child.

I recall sitting at my little desk in elementary school, gazing out the window, longing to be outside. Wanting to be dancing in the sunshine and laying in the cool green grass, watching the world come to life. As a result, I hate to admit it, but my fourth marking period grades would always take a slight dip. As a working adult, not much had changed. I would often find myself gazing out another window, longing to be outside soaking up the sunshine, rather than sitting at a computer typing away. Even though my current season finds me blessed to be able to say that my day job is a homemaker, I still find myself distracted by the sunshine and the singing birds, pulling my attention away from Mount Washmore. (Which, lets be honest, is the easiest household chore since the invention of the washer and dryer!)

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, typically winter would last through March, with the occasional snowfall in April. Some were harsher than others, but we could almost always count on two nice sized snowstorms that would give us a day or two off of school.

When we lived in Southwest Missouri it snowed once, and I’m stretching by calling it snow, since you could still see the grass. Winter was warm and gray, like an extended fall. Easy peasy! (The trade off was the horribly HOT summer! YUCK!)

Cut to present day living in Southwest Michigan along Lake Michigan. We moved here mid-November on a rainy weekend. From Thanksgiving through the second week of January it snowed EVERY SINGLE DAY! Nothing is ever closed when it snows, so we’ve not allowed the snow to slow us down and keep us cooped up in the condo. The lake is absolutely beautiful, even in the winter. We’ve had a few sunny days here and there, and last weekend we even enjoyed a beautiful, albeit chilly, picnic on the lakeshore!


Some days it feels like spring is just a far off fantasy. Other days, the clouds clear and the snow melts inviting the birds and squirrels to come out and play, and I’m reminded that winter cannot last forever. Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend, and gradually the days will start getting longer. The official calendar start of spring is just a few weeks away too! Spring is coming! I’m looking forward to watching the lakeshore transform from permagray winter to colorful spring.

When I was little I believed that fairies were responsible for the changes in the seasons. Young children have the luxury of believing in magic, whether it’s fairies painting flowers to life or Santa Claus. Then we grow up and learn the truth about those magical stories, responsibility sets in, and the magic disappears. But springtime, will always be magical. At eight or eighty, it will always take my breath away as the cold of winter gives way to the new life of spring. New dreams.  New opportunities to enjoy the life God has given me.  And He has blessed me beyond measure.

Anyone else experiencing spring fever? I’d love to know how you combat that longing for spring when winter still has a grip on the weather? Drop a comment below!

Until Next Time: Peace, Love & Adventure

Jess xoxo


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