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Summer Lovin’

Hey y’all! I’m baaaack! I’ve been a busy bee this summer, and by busy bee, I mean I’ve been busy living in the moment!

As some of you may know already know, we are a blended family, and our children chose to remain in Pennsylvania when we relocated a few years ago. So that means, summer is for lovin’ on our boys and trying to cram a years’ worth of memories into a few short weeks!

We’ve been traveling back and forth to Pennsylvania several times (over 4500 miles were traveled to be exact), soaking up the Lake Michigan sun, eating all of the food, moving our oldest into his dorm at WVU, and just being present.  Oh, and now that we are all settled into life in Southwest Michigan, I got a big girl job!

Personally, I made the conscious decision to put my phone down! Unfortunately, that means I don’t have as many candid photos from our adventures, but I think the upside of that is that I have more. I have the memory of the moment and not a photograph depicting a moment that I was too busy to fully notice because I was capturing the light just right!

But I did capture a few moments!

IMG_7932IMG_8011 (1)IMG_8045 (1)IMG_8137 (1)IMG_E7951 (1)IMG_E8134 (1)IMG_E8135IMG_8444IMG_8512IMG_E8442IMG_8522

Summer was fun and full of memories, but I have a feeling that fall is going to be pretty darn wonderful too!

Until Next Time: Peace, Love & Adventures

Jess xoxo

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