About Jess


I’m sitting in my favorite workspace, staring at my laptop, wondering what to write about me. I’ve done this a few times before, but it never feels quite right.

There are so many sides to me, interests and hobbies, so how do I capture my life in one page?

This is me trying to give you a quick snapshot into my life, and what makes me…me!

I grew up in small town in rural Pennsylvania. A solid 90% of my family still live there. As an only child, I was always close with all of my cousins, and even though we are miles apart, I try to make a conscious effort to stay in touch with them! Family is very important! I may not always like my family and they may not always like me, but they are the people I was given. Good or bad, they have molded me!

I married my first husband very young (too young in hindsight), and we had our son, Jaxon. We divorced when Jaxon was four, and he will soon turn sixteen! I spent many years as a single mom trying to figure out how to make it all work, and I’m still working on that one! I don’t have any tried and true answers on how to perfectly co-parent with an ex-spouse, so you won’t find much about that here in my writing, but being a mom is another thing that has molded me!

I met my husband Sam (or “The Hubs” as he’s frequently called in my blog) via social media in 2015! What a world we live in today! I’m sure my grandparents would have many questions about how all of that works compared to when they met! It was whirlwind romance and within three months of meeting we tied the knot, and began our version of happily ever after! Overnight I became a step-parent to his adult daughter and then teenage son (now an adult)! It was clear from the get-go that our life  was going to be one big, sometimes messy, but always blessed, adventure. And I’m a sucker for an adventure!

The Hubs and I recently added a new addition to our family! A bouncing baby (now ONE year old toddler) girl! Being our age and having a new little one is a whole new ball game and allows for a different perspective on parenting!

This blog came about as a creative outlet for my love of writing and my dreams of one day being a real author! Betting on the Betlyons is all about  my take on life! I’ll “bet” on recipes because while I like to think I’m a good cook, I’m definitely NOT confident in the kitchen! So when I take a bet on a new recipe, whether it’s a hit or miss, I’ll be passing that along! Plus, I love food! I’ll “bet” on family! This one is my favorite! As a new (again) mom, I’ll be sharing my victories and failures as a stay at home mama!  I’ll “bet” on inspiration and I might even go out on a limb and share some creative writings with you! (Be kind!) There are so many things that inspire me, from photographs, to nature, to books and people…these are worth betting on! And finally, I’ll “bet” on adventure! I’m always up for an adventure whether it’s a roadtrip across the country or a late night, dressed in pj’s, trip to Sonic for tots…I’m game!

So that’s me in a nutshell! Sometimes I have it together, sometimes I’m a hot mess, but I’m always “just me”!

Thanks for following along!

Peace, Love & Adventures

Jess xoxo




All the pieces of my heart!

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