Five Tips for Surviving the First Trimester

Pregnancy is different for every single woman. Some women love being pregnant, others don't enjoy their pregnancy at all. Some women are sick throughout the entire pregnancy, others have little to no morning sickness at all. Most of us fall somewhere in between. With nausea and sore breasts and exhaustion like you've never felt before, I want to share with you a few tips and tricks I used to survive the first trimester.

Rainbows & Babies

Growing up as an only child, I would dream of a day when my house would be filled with babies. There was nothing I wanted more than to be a mom. It turns out, a house full of babies wouldn't be in the cards for me, BUT maybe one more!

Springtime Sunshine

An early spring walk amongst the dunes. The icy winter breeze stinging their cheeks. Her infectious laugh echoing down the empty lakeshore. His eyes sparkling with joy as he chased her across the sand. Their love shining brighter than the springtime sun could ever hope to glow.   jess xoxo